Riga is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe that away from the main streets and public life hides calm oases. Here is everything you need for an active and dynamic life.


If you value a life in pace with the city, yet at the same time respect privacy and peacefulness, then Club Central Residence - a modern building in the heart of the city is the most appropriate choice.

Club Central Residence is a unique gem of residential offerings and is not only comfortable accommodation in the city centre. In step with your lifestyle and requirements for privacy, on the first floor of the building there is a closed club venue only for the residents of the house. It is a completely new housing concept that offers private space with an elegant interior for you and your special guests.

It is the place that will provide you and your honourable guests with the utmost discretion and convenience. In addition, everything is at your fingertips - the best hotels and exclusive brand shops, cosy cafes, clubs, art galleries, picturesque parks as well as the city's main road that leads to the airport. Club Central Residence means exclusivity, privacy and comfort in the exact meaning of the word - it is an investment in the quality of your life.