ˮClub Central Residence has been put into operation – the highest class comfort premium segment apartment house in Riga, Baznicas (Baznīcas) Street: a unique example of modern European architecture and design, which combines the best traditions of Riga’s historical construction with the latest trends in development of cities around the world. Conformity of this building with the world’s best project standards recently has been highly appreciated within the framework of the Baltic Developers Conference by being awarded the prestigious ˮBaltic Prix d’Excellenceˮ award of the International Real Estate Federation as the best new project in the premium segment, as well as the special award of Baltic Sotheby’s International Realty as the best premium residential house project of the year in Latvia.

The contracting entity of the project is ˮKappa Capitalˮ Ltd, which has attracted the necessary financing for this project through its parent company JSC ˮExpobankˮ. Construction costs reached 2.2 million euros, apart from the contracting entity’s costs for acquisition of the plot of land for this project.
Gints Cakans (Gints Čakāns), the Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC ˮExpobankˮ: ˮOur initiated ˮClub Central Residenceˮ project is one of several real estate development projects in Riga’s central part, initiated by receiving support from the bank, aimed to lay the foundations of highest quality standards in the field of real estate development.ˮ

Development of the technical design for the object was commenced in winter 2013 in collaboration with the experienced bureau ˮTectumˮ Ltd, and was lead by the architect Alvis Zlaugotnis. In its turn, the construction works were initiated in August 2014, by involving one of the most respected representatives of the construction sector – JSC ˮLNK Industriesˮ. Operation within the project is described by the member of the Board of JSC ˮLNK Industriesˮ Jevgenijs Locovs: ˮConstruction of the facade required 2 100 m² of glass, the construction of the building was performed by using qualitative and environment-friendly materials, which are safe and comply with modern technologies. This is a modern and well-considered building.ˮ

Normunds Lojans (Normunds Lojāns), the project manager of „Club Central Residence” tells about the object: ˮThis project is special with the fact that it is located in the historical centre of Riga, which means quite a complicated process for coordinating of project documentation with the respective state and municipal institutions. It should be noted that, during the construction of this object, regulatory legislation concerning the construction sector has changed, but still we have managed to complete all works in time and ensuring proper quality. Construction of a multi-storey building in the very city centre also serves as an additional challenge for a constructor. However, the greatest satisfaction is that our achievement has been appreciated by long-standing experts of the real estate sector, and also by customers.ˮ

The co-author of the facade architecture and the interior author of the ˮClub Central Residenceˮ complex with the total area of 2 218 m², located in Riga, Baznīcas Street 18a, is one of the leading interior specialists in the Baltics, the internationally recognised Latvian architect Zane Tetere.ˮ The facade of the building is matching with aesthetic dynamics of the entire Baznicas Street, harmonizing with the nearby St. Gertrude Church, art nouveau buildings and the new eclectic construction. The main accent of the building is its bay window, which is designed in the overall image as a reflective, dark, monochrome volume with an accent put on the texture and ornaments,ˮ explains Zane Tetere.

Recently, within the framework of the Baltic Developers Conference, ˮClub Central Residenceˮ received the prestigious award ˮBaltic Prix d’Excellenceˮ of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) as the best new project in the premium segment, as well as the special award of the seller of highest class real estate Baltic Sotheby’s International Realty as the best premium residential house project of the year in Latvia.

The owner and Chairman of the Board of Baltic Sotheby’s International Realty Vestards Rozenbergs: ˮBelonging of a particular property to the premium segment is determined by a set of factors such as location, architecture, construction quality, technical solutions, layouts and interior. Therefore, we had put forward ˮClub Central Residenceˮ as the leading nominee in the nomination of new projects in the premium class, because the perfect location of this building: Baznicas Street, ensures privacy, convenient access, whereas, the elegant facade and interior solutions, as well as the private club located on the first floor, will ensure to dwellers of this building an appropriate and sophisticated lifestyle in compliance with modern requirements.ˮ

About „Club Central Residence”

Only 20 flats are found on the seven floors of the ˮClub Central Residenceˮ building, ranging from 53.9 m2 to 156.3 m2 in size. Already 30% of the flats are reserved.
The ceilings are three metres high, each flat has two bathrooms, all flats have high window apertures, and the flats on the 6th and 7th floor have private terraces. All flats are fully finished with ecological wood floors, designer tiles and wallpaper and high-quality appliances.
An important conceptual innovation in Riga is that the building has a private club with a library and leisure zone for residents. The club has also a unique design, merging the cosy nature of classical British clubs with extravagant interior elements.

The target audience of apartments are people for whom it is important to live in harmony with the city and, at the same time, respect privacy and peace, and people who are looking for the best quality and implement in their life the highest standards of residential premises for a reasonable price. The price of apartments with high-value full interior finish offered within the project is from 3 500 up to 4 500 EUR/m², depending on the location of each apartment in the building.